John On The Issues


The new economy needs and creates more opportunities for how where and when to work. In the new economy everyone is an entrepreneur and should be able to choose how they sell their talents and services. John will fight to repeal AB5 and work to replace it with something that actually enshrines the right of workers to operate how they wish.


While John is a personal supporter of vaccinations – he is also a believer that every parent should make that decision based upon their own personal beliefs. In the State Assembly, John will fight against all efforts to dismantle parental rights when it comes to their child’s medical treatments.


The education of our children needs to be one of the most important priorities for our legislature, but out-of-touch politicians rely too much on the opinions of bureaucrats and not parents. John will fight to empower parents and give them the options that can enrich their children’s educational futures.


The pages from California school textbooks shouldn’t go viral on social media – but they have because Sacramento politicians have decided what is best for your child to learn, especially regarding sexuality. John will work with parents and professionals to ensure that California’s curriculum is age-appropriate and that parents are able to preview what their children are taught before it becomes a news story.

Law Enforcement

The brave men and women in the ranks of law enforcement deserve our support – both vocally and materially. John will fight to ensure our law enforcement professionals have the resources they need to protect our neighborhoods and the moral support to wake up every morning knowing that their state government stands behind them.

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